Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cut it out!

I love to bake. The holidays (well, really winter time.... wait who am I kidding? all year round!) gives me a great excuse to bake and do a little experimenting.

Can you believe I've never mastered cut-out cookies? I guess my philosophy is that they are too much work and don't taste that great anyway. Well, unless you're my friend Anna, in which case you make the best sugar cookie cut outs known to man.... But I digress.

This year I decided to make gingerbread people as a project for me and Lili. I used Paula D's recipe from FoodTV and it's just OK. Actually they are a little hard and tasteless. But it was fun to decorate them!

we even made little jewish people :)


Courtney said...

They look great! I use the sugar cookie recipe from The Joy of Cooking. SO unoriginal, but they actually taste good.

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