Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Womb Friend

Today, Mira (and Lili and I) got to meet a friend that we've been waiting for 9 months to meet! One of my friends from the Moms Club was due with her baby girl the same day as I was, but baby C was 5 days late. Her big sister, L is a good friend of Lili's and so we went over to their house this morning to meet Mira's new BFF and to let the new big sisters play together.

Amazingly, both babies were happy at the same time for a few minutes (C more than Mira) and so they hung out together while we cleaned up the playroom:

Lili and L were also occupied together for a while, coloring:


Rachel said...

Oh my! C is such a TANK next to little tiny mira!!!

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