Thursday, November 12, 2009

First Day at "Normal"

Well, today is the first day with Keith back at work, and us back to a "normal" routine at home. So far, so good. Mira slept well last night, and has been sleeping through most of the day so far. Lili had preschool and Mira and I dropped her off and picked her up, much to the delight of the teachers, who had been eager to meet Mira. The only hitch in the morning was a baby diaper blowout at the same time as a preschool toilet poop at the same time as we were supposed to leave for school. Oh, and a big spit up onto the car seat straps... Will have to wash those soon!

Hopefully all the sleep Mira's getting today will not interfere with tonights' sleep. I'll just have to assume she needs all the rest she can get for right now!

I was even able to give Lili a (uneven) haircut today because the weather was so nice that spending time on the porch was an option. We're also working on a "house" today, courtesy of her new booster seat shipping box... Tres fun! She goes inside and says "I'm a real grownup!"


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