Monday, November 23, 2009


Okay, so I have no witty title for this post... But! Lili had her first dental cleaning this morning, and she was a rock star! While other kids wailed in the adjoining rooms, Lili opened her mouth wide and was a model patient through the whole thing. I rather think she enjoyed it. They started out staining her teeth pink to see where our problem brushing areas are, and Lili got to pick out a new (purple) toothbrush. She choose grape toothpaste for her cleaning, and she was enthralled by the orange dental floss. It was a very colorful visit overall, and she didn't complain once. I'm very proud of her.


Sue said...

Dental business is in the genes.
Roy would love this.

Ruthie said...

Maddie's first dentist visit went surprisingly well, too. That was last year. She's been bugging me to make another appointment too! (which I really need to do)

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