Saturday, November 14, 2009

2 weeks...

Two weeks and one day old! Mira is doing pretty well. We get some sleep at night, she's getting some baby fat on her body, and she's cuuuute. BUT she is rarely awake and not crying, which is kind of frustrating. She really really loves to be held, which is something that I wished for (a cuddly kid), but now kind of want someone a little more independent...

Lili and I had a morning (about an hour and a half) alone together this morning running errands. It was nice to get out, and get a break from the baby. Lili initially didn't want to leave Mira at home. She said "I want Mira to come too because otherwise I will miss her". Very sweet. I hope she loves her like that forever.

We also finally got a new digital camera, because the two we had are both broken. Not a great thing when bringing a new baby home! So we tested out the new camera by taking a succession of pictures of Mira being burped. Here's a good one:


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