Saturday, September 19, 2009

Making the most of it

This pregnancy, that is... It's been a hard road since the beginning of this gestation, from being so sick I could barely function to now being so big I can barely function... But one thing that I have made the most of is my ability to read! I've read more books in the past 8 months than I have probably in the past 8 years. I started with familiar re-reads and branched out with the help of my local librarians and friends to a random assortment of fiction. I wish I had kept better track of everything I read, but as in the term better late than never, I'm going to attempt to list them out here, in no particular order...

The Twilight Series
The Time Traveler's Wife
Harry Potter books 6 & 7
The House at Riverton
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
The Dog Walker: a novel*
Never Let Me Go
The Undomestic Goddess
Love the One You're With
To Have and to Hold: a novel
The Secret Life of Bees

currently on: The History of Love
wanting to read: The Help

* Loved this book!

Obviously, I'm a fan of fiction. And as you can see, a mix of real writing and bad chicklit. I love the chicklit stories, but some of them had such bad writing that I could hardly get through them. I'm hoping to get through about 4 more during this pregnancy, so any suggestions would be great!


sweet p. said...

I read a book by N. Hornby called "Housekeeping vs the Dirt" and one of the things he does in the book is make a monthly list of books bought and books read. I thought it was pretty clever. I'm almost done with 'In the Woods' and I really like the writing style. Just read 'My Life in France' (Julia Child) and loved it - it was so fresh. And I also just finished 'The Fourth Bear' a funny fiction book about a nursery crime division that solves nursery story crimes.

Along the Ausable said...

Have you read Olive Kitteridge yet? Totally on the chick lit side, have you read any Jennifer Weiner books?

Wini said...

I love fiction too, but my mom disapproves and says I'm too "close-minded" and should read "real" and "serious" books.


Abarat 1 and 2 by Clive Barker, any Diana Wynne Jones books, Garth Nix has an excellent series (Sabriel, Abhorsen...don't remember all of them)...Christopher Paolini's "Inheritance" series starts out rocky, but is getting better. Rereading Lord of the Rings and His Dark Materials (Philip Pullman) is something I want to do when I have time.

That's all off the top of my head =)Btw, waiting on Cornell's decision, which comes back in November...nervous.


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