Friday, September 11, 2009

Cloth Diapering

Okay, so I broke down and decided to enter this contest. It's a contest for some Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers. The reason I've been waffling about entering is that we've actually tried Fuzzi Bunz before and I didn't know if it would be fair for me to enter. I didn't have a fantastic experience with them, and so I decided to enter the contest to try them again with baby #2. Maybe we'll have better luck this time.

So, the pros first: they're an all in one cloth diaper. That makes them super easy to use. They come in cute colors, and they use snaps (as opposed to velcro, which can be a pain to wash). They are very soft, very absorbent, and very easy to wash. Poop stains come out with a stint in the sun (amazing!). Since they're all microfiber, they are very trim, which is rare for cloth.

Now the cons, and the reason I stopped using FB's: they're pretty expensive, compared to using cotton pre-folds and covers. The snaps make them slightly harder to get on the baby. They didn't have a one-size when I started using them (they do now). And the big kicker for me: they became water repellent after a couple months of usage. Not so great for a diaper... It turns out that the method in which I wash my clothes causes almost all my fleece to become water repellent. Even when I switched to non-petroleum detergent, and no fabric softener. Even when we switched STATES to a different water system. I don't know what it is! It could be our washing machine? I know plenty of people who use regular Tide detergent and fabric softeners who have no trouble with fleece becoming hydrophobic. But, that's why I had to stop using FB's. It was maddening after spending all that money on them.

Eventually we switched Lili to cotton diapers in covers, which worked fine. We've tried many styles: Bummis, Prowraps, Gdiapers... But here's one of my fave pics of Lili, when the Fuzzi Bunz were working well for us:


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