Monday, September 21, 2009

Cars, Bikes, and Ferries

This weekend, we finally had the time (and the beautiful weather) for Keith to accomplish one of his summer goals: Biking (at least) 100 miles. Since the distance from our house to my parents' house is 120 miles, Keith got to surpass his goal and rode the distance in 10 hours and 10 minutes.

Lili and I drove to my parents' on Friday, and Keith spent the day Saturday biking across northern New York, through hay fields and wind farms. Unfortunately for him, it was a little windy that day, but that only made the challenge more worthwhile (right?). We're all very proud and impressed by his trip, and surprised at the fact that he was more tired than sore by the whole thing. The next big biking goal in the family? My mom wants to bike around Lake Champlain!

We took the ferry home (as usual), and I was able to capture Lili's joy at being on the ferry on a beautiful day, with her daddy:


Sean said...

Oh the winds of the flat North Country. I remember cursing them all too well. Tell Keith he is the man for tackling this.

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