Thursday, September 3, 2009

And so it begins!

Today was Lili's very first day of preschool. She started the day off right by sleeping in a little bit, and then having a nice full breakfast. She was very excited about going to school, and had no trouble when we dropped her off. Lucky for me, Keith stayed home from work today (to paint the basement) and so was able to come with us for the big pre-school drop off and pick up.

We had a productive morning painting, and Lili was as smiley as can be when we picked her up. She was excited to tell us about her day and she was sad that she doesn't have school every day. I'm sure that will change, eventually.

Meanwhile, we've made great progress painting the basement. One more coat with the rollers and we'll be ready to go buy some trim! Hurrah! Most of the credit must go to Keith because he is the more thorough and meticulous one when it comes to home-improvement projects.

Oh! Why are we painting the basement? Yeah... because there were some fixes to be made to the walls, and we had to rip out the cat-stink carpet, and the walls were this soul sucking shade of light gray. Gray. Who lives like that? The goal is to have the room done (painted walls, new window, door, and floor trim, and new laminate flooring) by October 1. We're in pretty good shape for that to happen.

Eight more weeks until the baby is due!


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