Sunday, August 23, 2009

Princess Potato Farmer

So you know from earlier posts that we started a backyard garden this year. It's been moderately successful; the basil is non-existent, but the mint and the parsley did really well. The onions got overtaken by the potatoes, but the carrots were a surprising success. And, although it has been a very wet season and we have a rather shady garden, the zucchinis have produced just enough to use and give a few away.

But because of the wet weather in all of the state, our tomatoes suffered from late blight, so we didn't get to harvest as many as we wanted to, and even sadder was the hacking down of the tomato forest (they had gotten huge before the blight set in). The potato greens were also very affected by the late blight and so I had assumed that they would be trashed. But Keith and Lili diligently dug them all up today, and they're quite beautiful, and of decent size too!

Ironically, we just bought potatoes from the farmer's market :(

How many do you think this cutie could sell if we brought her there?


L said...

Good marketing. Especially with the lovely pink dress.

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