Friday, August 14, 2009

Developing Art Skillz

Up until now, Lili has primarily just scribbled when drawing. She can somewhat fill in shapes and add to things that I have drawn, but for the most part when she draws by herself, it's mostly scribbles.

We arrived at my parents' house yesterday to visit with them, and my grandmother. Lili and my Puo sat down to draw together while I had a rest. I heard Lili telling Puo that she was drawing a monster, and when I went over to take a look, sure enough she had drawn a recognizable(ish) object! A monster blob, complete with 2 belly buttons, arms, legs, hair, and 2 antennae ears. She then proceeded to draw one of her favorite storybook characters, Beegu. I had to remind her that Beegu was yellow, but besides that I think she did a pretty good job.

It really amazes me when she breaks out with some new "developmental milestone".


Scott S said...

Amazingly... we saw that book (Beegu) on Reading Rainbow a couple weeks/months ago... man, has Kuntakinte gotten fat, or what?

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