Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blankie or Bust

"You can watch a show if you let me wash your blankie"


Five minutes later...

"(whine) I want my pink blaaaaankeeetttt (sob)"

Note to self: next kid gets at least 2 of the same comfort item.


sweet p. said...

Ha! Maia has ONE and only ONE 'teiki' and we decided not to get another one thinking that when it gets lost it's just the end of it. We know people with 3 versions of 'Pat the Bunny' and they are all in rotation so they are all just as worn. It's always fun having to wash it - we just make sure to throw it in and leave the house (teiki doesn't leave the house) so there's no 'where's teiki?' every 2 seconds.

Rachel said...

we have 2 "meme's" wash day is never fun...even with 2. I'm trying to get W attached to burp cloths. we have lots of those.

V said...

Dude...I'm still like that O_O hahahaha

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