Friday, August 28, 2009

Get Ready... Get Set...


Fall is fast approaching, and with that is our first season of a scheduled life. No soccer yet, so I can't claim any soccer mom status, but we have preschool, possibly chinese school, gymnastics, ballet, and our regularly scheduled activities with our moms' club. It will be very interesting. I've resisted having any set schedule, but I think with a new baby on the way it will be good to be forced to get out of the house.

Preschool orientation was this morning. We're all pretty excited around here!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Princess Potato Farmer

So you know from earlier posts that we started a backyard garden this year. It's been moderately successful; the basil is non-existent, but the mint and the parsley did really well. The onions got overtaken by the potatoes, but the carrots were a surprising success. And, although it has been a very wet season and we have a rather shady garden, the zucchinis have produced just enough to use and give a few away.

But because of the wet weather in all of the state, our tomatoes suffered from late blight, so we didn't get to harvest as many as we wanted to, and even sadder was the hacking down of the tomato forest (they had gotten huge before the blight set in). The potato greens were also very affected by the late blight and so I had assumed that they would be trashed. But Keith and Lili diligently dug them all up today, and they're quite beautiful, and of decent size too!

Ironically, we just bought potatoes from the farmer's market :(

How many do you think this cutie could sell if we brought her there?

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Lovely movie. (The book was better, no surprise).

Good casting. Fairly good adaptation (I would have made the movie longer, maybe 2.15). Wonderful, beautiful costumes. I wasn't so impressed by the soundtrack, even though reviews told me I should be... I give 3.5 out of four.

Friday, August 14, 2009


You just can't have 4 generations of asian women in one house without making dumplings...

Developing Art Skillz

Up until now, Lili has primarily just scribbled when drawing. She can somewhat fill in shapes and add to things that I have drawn, but for the most part when she draws by herself, it's mostly scribbles.

We arrived at my parents' house yesterday to visit with them, and my grandmother. Lili and my Puo sat down to draw together while I had a rest. I heard Lili telling Puo that she was drawing a monster, and when I went over to take a look, sure enough she had drawn a recognizable(ish) object! A monster blob, complete with 2 belly buttons, arms, legs, hair, and 2 antennae ears. She then proceeded to draw one of her favorite storybook characters, Beegu. I had to remind her that Beegu was yellow, but besides that I think she did a pretty good job.

It really amazes me when she breaks out with some new "developmental milestone".

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blankie or Bust

"You can watch a show if you let me wash your blankie"


Five minutes later...

"(whine) I want my pink blaaaaankeeetttt (sob)"

Note to self: next kid gets at least 2 of the same comfort item.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Elusive Belly shot

Okay, people (Tera), here it is! The elusive belly shot. This was taken at almost 27 weeks (I am right now at 28 weeks). I have to say, that it is really hard to feel cute when you are pregnant and it is 85 degrees out, with high humidity. I finally asked Keith to take a belly shot if only because we should have at least one for this pregnancy.

What do I think so far? I've been carrying very low, and as they say in Chinese "jian jian", which kind of translates to "pointy", all of which culminates in the fact that I think it's a boy in there. I am so certain, that I will be really shocked if it isn't.

The nausea finally passed around week 25, after which I had a couple of weeks of feeling grrreat! But now, I just feel big and tired, and I expect that will continue for the next few months until the end. I've been feeling lots of guilt over the fact that it's harder to play with Lili and that I just can't give her the energy she wants. But, all that prepares her for the months following the birth, I guess.

She asks about the baby a lot. What it can and can't do when it's first born, what it will eat, what she will be able to do with it. I really appreciate how in tune she is with the whole process. I'm hoping it won't be a huge shock to her, we'll see.

Anyway, here it is! If I can eke out any belly cute-ness in the next few weeks, I'll post another. Who knows, maybe a haircut will help?

Funny picture

Whoa. It's been awhile since I posted! This means either (a) nothing is going on in our lives, (b) we are so busy that I don't have time to post, or (c) our camera(s) don't work very well and so I'm not photo-documenting like I previously have. Let's just say it's a combination of (d) all of the above.

So what is new? Summer is seemingly almost over. We've beached it pretty well, and generally are currently enjoying the summer harvest bounty (blueberries, peaches, sweet corn, and zucchini. major cherry tomatoes are on the way). I am into my 3rd trimester now, and simultaneously thinking that time moves very slowly and very quickly. Lili seems to be dropping her nap, which means a more temperamental kid and a more tired and short tempered mom. We are just so in synch! Lili starts pre-school at the very beginning of September and we hope to be able to complete our basement fix-up by the beginning of October.

That's all for now, and I leave you with a hilarious picture of Lilian eating a strawberry (it was in late May... I'm just cleaning through pictures right now!)