Thursday, July 30, 2009

Three and Carefree

Lili is three years old today! 3 seems like a big milestone, I think because now she is no longer considered a toddler. Lili is old enough for preschool. She is potty trained. She can carry on great conversations. She even came up with a wonderful haiku-ish poem in the car today:

"The sun is dry. The sky is blue. The rain is wet."

And, Lili will be a big sister soon. My brother was 3 years old when I was born, and if the family photo albums are any indication, I was a pretty big impact on his life. I hope in a good way. And I hope that Lili will continue to be the precocious smiley little princess tomboy that she has developed into.

Here she is this morning, in her "Birthday Rainbow Dress", about to open her morning gift:

And, I just realized the title for this post can have a double entendre... she is three and it's a carefree age. But, we are also 3 members in this family and it seems a more carefree time than when an infant comes along!


Courtney said...

Happy third birthday, Lili! I can't believe how grown up they are getting!

Melissa said...

Look at that gorgeous girl...happy birthday wishes from Ithaca! I love her happy face. Give her hugs from us, please!

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