Tuesday, July 7, 2009

She's not shy

Something Lili often says when she meets new people is "I'm not shy". This was never more evident than today.

We attended a free kids concert as part of the Burlington International Waterfront Festival (which is part of the Lake Champlain Quadricentennial Festival... whew! mouthfuls!), and one of the performers asked for audience participation. Lili was very gung ho about it and volunteered, even though I don't think the performer necessarily wanted her to. Whatever, he was game! The song involved each participant to say a particular phrase about the lake whenever the mike was shoved in their face. Lili was a pro, saying "rainbow trout" every time it was her turn. Oh, and she picked Rainbow Trout because she is currently obsessed with rainbows :)

Also, we were interviewed for the local news at the concert and Lili got to see herself on TV. The first thing she said after seeing herself? "I didn't smile!". Next time, she'll be camera ready.

Here's a little video snippet of her singing. You really have to strain to hear her squeak out "rainbow trout". But it was so cute. So worth it. I was so proud of her I teared up!


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