Sunday, July 12, 2009


Naps have been iffy lately. Some days, Lili will fall right asleep; heck some days she even asks for a nap. On those days, she'll often sleep for 2-3 hours in the afternoon. Then again, often on those days she also stays awake until 10 at night.

On days with no naps, we can be guaranteed of a very whiny cranky child by 5:30pm and pretty much count on a bedtime of 7-7:30, which is wonderful. Well, really it's one of those tradeoffs, because she is a bear to deal with when she is cranky (yes, inherited from me).

Today, there was no nap. And then I took her for a couple of errands, not 2 miles away from home. She fell asleep just as we were returning to our own driveway, and I thought she'd wake up on the transfer out of the car, like always. But you can see here... half an hour after being unceremoniously deposited on the couch, and she is still snoozing. Here's to still hoping for a reasonable bed time. I really wanted to finish that movie I was watching!


sweet p. said...

oh yeah, lately maia has been doing the 'i dont need a nap thing' so when we get tired of fighting we go run errands and 2 secs in the car and she's DONE. although this weekend she made herself a spot in my bed and put herself down for a nap - a 2.5hr nap, that is... kids, i tell yah1

Sean said...

I love the word "knackered", great title. Are you still going to stop by on Friday?

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