Monday, July 27, 2009

Grand tour of MA

Whew! Lili and I just spent a long weekend in Massachusetts, visiting college friends, and my brother and sister-in-law for their baby shower. In four days, we visited 4 different MA locations, as well as a stop into Providence, RI.

Things I discovered on this trip?

Lili rides really well in the car, especially when there's only 1 parent to whine to.
She is capable of asking "why" about 5 times per mile.
I am very capable of navigating major suburbs.
Air conditioning is niiiiiice. (but really I knew this already).
My belly is the same size as Alicia's. But she's 8+ months pregnant, and I'm only 6.
Apparently perfect strangers that bag my groceries at Trader Joe's think it's OK to tell me that I still "have a long way to go" in this pregnancy, and to remark that I look like I'm having twins.


But I don't mind. I had a great trip visiting people I love and spending time with family!

AND... came home to 2 nice sized zucchini from the garden. Bonus!


sweet p. said...

Look at it on the flip side - I get a slightly dismissive 'Oh, it must be your first one' - WHAT THE HECK??!! I just smile and nod.

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