Friday, July 24, 2009

First Harvest

Well, not really the first harvest, but the first reasonably sized one. Despite all the rain (or maybe because of it?) we have had many many peas (snow peas and sugar snap peas), maybe for a whole month now. The raspberries are just starting to ripen, and we have gotten 3 little tomatoes so far. The tomato plants are HUGE, and we have a few small zucchinis to speak of too!

All in all, very exciting for our first year gardening here. And this is going to sound cheesy, but I was thinking that as my body's "fruit" is ripening (the baby), so is the fruit of our garden. Fruits of our labor.

and, is she the perfect model, or what?


Along the Ausable said...

That is very exciting June! I love peas and am a tad jealous that I didn't grow any this year. I guess I'll go and check on my garden now. :)

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