Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Swheat Grass

A local bread company was giving away wheat grass seeds awhile back, and we took a pack to plant with Lili. It took us awhile to motivate to planting them, and they sat on the counter for a while. But that stuff grows really fast! I think it's been less than two weeks and it's already several inches tall. Keith took the opportunity to make a smoothie with some wheat grass in it and he and Lili enjoyed the concoction for dessert. He basically got her excited to eat all the fruit I'd been trying to get her to eat all day.

See the excitement:


Courtney said...

That is awesome! Michele C. grows it, and made me a wheatgrass shot in her juicer when I was visiting awhile back...I've been meaning to get on growing some for myself. It made me feel phenomenal!

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