Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ballet Recital

Lilian's ballet school held their spring recital this weekend. The littlest girls got to be in the show, and this was the first time that Lili got to be on stage. I'm told that during rehearsal, Lili fought her way up on to the stage through a throng of 8 year olds and ran to the middle of the stage. Totally ready for her close-up.

During the performance, the girls were led on stage, walked around, and sat on a bench for the scene. When I went back-stage to pick her up, the first thing she said was "Mama, but I didn't get to DANCE!". I feel the disappointment, but she made the most of the situation. She beamed at the audience the whole time they were walking across the stage. I wished they'd given the girls more to do. They've been practicing some cute stuff in class and it seemed like they could have been trusted with more responsibility.

You can see that they were all pretty excited before the show, and well, you know, cute as heck!


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