Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bike Party '09

More community service: Keith organized a "Neighborhood Bicycle Party" for our neighborhood(s) last weekend. The goal was to increase bicycle use and awareness in our immediate areas. There was a professional bike guy from Earl's, and representatives from Local Motion and the South Burlington Police Department. Free bagels, a bike gear swap, and it all capped off with a bike parade through the neighborhood! It wasn't the turnout we expected (maybe due to the holiday weekend), but there were still good numbers; enough for us to think about doing it again next year!

I didn't get a lot of pictures because I wasn't there most of the day, but here is a good one of Lili on one of my old bike rim chairs:


Ian and Vanessa said...

Wow- go you guys! What a cool thing to organize. I love the chair too- very cool!!

eyeheartorange said...

she is soooo cute! Did you make that chair? As a side note, the word I have to enter to leave a comment is hilarious: trashed. It sounds like a really drunk person saying they are trashed :)

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