Thursday, April 23, 2009

Resolution? Check!

Remember back in January? I listed some of my New Years' resolutions, in the hopes that if I blogged them I would be held accountable for them.

Guess what!? I accomplished the most important one. I organized and successfully executed a Bone Marrow Donor Drive for the National Marrow Donor Program. With the help of Betty Kelly, the NorthEast representative from NMDP, and UVM's AASU (Asian American Student Union), and the MOMS Club of Burlington... we were able to add 50 new people in at least 6 different ethnic groups to the national registry.

We were at UVM's student center for the majority of the day, with plenty of delicious baked goods (people often thought we were a bake-sale... it was a good lure!). It was surprisingly easy to do! So much less complicated than a blood drive, and really fun being able to educate people about marrow donation. Find a drive near you at the NMDP website!

Betty Kelly and I with AASU Volunteers


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