Monday, April 13, 2009

In other news

Sorry about the lack of posting! I don't even have a "Spring Break" vacation to use as an excuse. Mostly just nothing extremely blog-worthy? Or I'm a slacker? Whatevs. You're about to get a lot so it makes up for it :)

We had a slew of "colorful" days, inspired by Easter and springtime. We made our own face paint (cold cream, cornstarch, and water), and it turned into a body painting session. Lili had fun, and the smell of the cold cream. Well, it brought back some theater memories, which is not all bad!

Next, I attempted to make rolled-out sugar cookies. Now, the attempt part may come as a surprise to you, knowing how much I love to bake, but I have always been intimidated by the whole cookie-cutter process. But I did it, and Keith claims the resultant cookies were addictive, so I guess I succeeded. Lilian had fun making mini-sugar-comas and I enjoyed the experiment.

I also realized that I never updated on the whole (conclusion!) of potty training. I had stated that by the end of March Lili would be out of diapers, except for nap and bedtime (because she is a sleep-pee-er). We are successful. Hallelujah. I don't think I could re-create the entire situation, but suffice it to say it's "done". Although, we have yet to make a road-trip without diapes so maybe check back in a month or two. Man, for us, it's a long process.

It also appears that the "terrible twos" are striking, a bit late? I commented to Keith that she seems to be changing rapidly, and not neccessarily in a good way. There's some screaming. Some incoherent shrieking. A lot of stubbornness (that's not so new). Some bullying. And... dun dun dun! Perhaps the weaning away of naps. NOT BY MY CHOICE! Every day, it's hit or miss. Some days, 3 hour naps. Other days, no naps and it's all good. But like everything else, we try to roll with it. Maybe it's all just spring fever.


Kimberly said...

Oh, I remember the "terrible twos" that were really the "terrible threes and fours"! In fact, the twos were great for us:)

On another note - I highly recommend implementing a "quiet time". We have done this with both our older two. When the began to stop napping, we had them play quietly in their room. Even though Colin is 9, and Emma is 5, they still have a quiet time. They usually just play in their room, read a book, or on particularly nice days, sit under a tree and play quietly. It's really a time for Mommy and Daddy to have some relief, but works quite well:) Good luck with everything!

Kimberly said...

Oh my goodness, Mommy dear daughter is 6! I keep saying she's 5...Geesh! What kind of a mom am I??:)

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