Saturday, April 4, 2009


Ahhhh Suburbia. Where holidays last 2 weeks each and we've generally forgotten the original purpose of them. Jaded much? Maybe it's the weather!

Either way, Eggstravaganza at one of the area parks was this morning, and I was eager for Lilian to get to her first egg hunt. Never mind that she really didn't know what an egg hunt is, she was excited to go too. Basically it comprised a roped off field in which a bunch of toddlers and their grownups got to pick up plastic easter eggs that happened to be filled with tootsie rolls and stickers. It was a fun two minutes! When we went in, I asked Lilian to pick up an egg (the nearest of which was a green egg), and she said "NO. PINK EGG." Turns out her (male) friend Q had the same issues, but needed a "BLUE EGG". I swear these kids are preprogrammed. In the end they each ended up with a dozen or so eggs and those eggs have been providing entertainment all day.

Lili also got to meet the "Easter Bunny". Turns out it's probably not Gina. I was very proud of her for being so friendly with the Bunny. I myself was terrified of the Easter Bunny. My brother can attest to that fact, because he's the one who always had to get me an egg from under the wretched beast. Thanks, bro.

In all, good times. I'm really grateful for all the kid's activities this area has to offer!


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