Thursday, March 26, 2009


Here are some random ruminations seeping out of my brain which lacks sleep this morning so forgive me!

I am tremendously grateful for my math abilities. And Keith's. And I fear that my children won't be mathematically inclined and I won't be able to relate to them. Yes, sometimes I'm just a geek.

It really bothers me when people use pictures of their kid(s) as their own profile picture (facebook, google, whatever). You might feel like your identity is tied to your child, but you are not them and they are not you. Only you can be you.

I don't understand goosebumps. They come out when you are cold. They increase your skin's surface area, thereby increasing your heat output. It doesn't make sense.

I used to love chickadees. They used to be my favorite bird. Now they wake me up too early and peck on my house. I don't like them anymore.

I despise Thursdays. Thursdays are trash day in our neighborhood and in the mass inefficiency that is America, there are no less than 5 trash company trucks that rumble through here throughout the day. They are so disruptive.

I am always so flattered when people tell me Lili looks just like me. Because I think she's so beautiful. But I also think those people are kind of full of it.

That's it! Bye.


sweet p. said...

We gave up hope that Maia was going to be verbally inclined - we both sucked at the verbal areas for the SATs and GREs and so did most of our siblings. At least we have no shortage of math teachers and engineers to help out with math homework if that gene didn't stick :-) And judging from Maia's lack of our dominant traits (hair color, eye color...) we'll need as much help as we can get.

sweet p. said...

oh and in defense of people using their kids pics as profile pics - i'm the one ALWAYS behind the camera - so there are NO pictures of me.

Christina said...

I think (and Jeb concurs) that the theory is that the hair on your body stands up and makes a thick, fluffy blanket to trap warm air closer to your body. Perhaps it more than makes up for the surface area. Perhaps the cost/benefit ratio (was that redundant because the words are in a ratio?) changes depending on how hairy one is...

Courtney said...

I have yet to include a profile pic on ANY site that even has Benjamin in it, with me. I feel like the "networking" opportunities I DO get are entirely irrelevant to the fact that I have a child. So yeah, I totally agree!

eyeheartorange said...

Yes, be thankful that you have math skills, coming from someone who really doesn't! I never feel that more during the year than right now: tax time!

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