Friday, March 6, 2009

Marrow Drive Update

Remember the post about halfsies? Well, here's an update to let you know I am surely but slowly moving forward on organizing a marrow donor drive... The initial reason I was so compelled to do this project was because of a woman named Jodie. A friend of a friend's sister, or something like that, an asian woman and mother of two who was diagnosed with a rare condition during a routine checkup. She can't spend time around her children because the risk of life-threatening infection is too great. Her story hurt my heart, and I wanted to help.

It seems, from the family blog, that Jodie has found a donor match! It's great news, but it makes me think of the many more people out there who are still looking for a match, and so I will continue my efforts to hold a drive here.

I also got an answer to a previous question from a post Jodie's husband made:

Do mixed race people have more or less trouble finding donors? Here's your answer:

Maile Lamela (3) is half Filipino and half Mexican/Puerto Rican. In 2007 she was diagnosed with and infant form of Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL). She was able to reach remission through chemotherapy, but her leukemia relapsed in June 2008 and she is now in an urgent need for a marrow/stem cell transplant. Because she is mixed, it will make her search that much more difficult.

There you have it. Mixed race people will have a more difficult time finding a match. I'm doing what I can, and I hope it will help.


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