Sunday, March 8, 2009

Gonna Be an Auntie

My brother and sister in law are having a baby! I'm going to be an Auntie! Hopefully not your stereo-typical asian auntie (think red-lipstick-wearing, cheek-pinching, weird-smellingness)... But still, the coming addition to the family has made me think back about.... purchases. You parents know what I mean!!! Those things you thought you had to have before the baby was born. Heck, even the things you bought after the kid was born which turned out to be total suckage.

The thing I think I have learned the most is not to refuse free/inexpensive stuff. As in... "my kid is too good for used stuff" Especially in this economy, and in the neighborhood we live in, Garage Sales ROCK. Hand me downs from other moms? Whoa. Even better. Because you know it's good worthwhile stuff (unless their kid hasn't outgrown it yet, because then maybe it falls in the sucky category and they're just trying to unload).

Other things I have a major opinion on are baby monitors, safety gates, and highchairs (or lack there-of).

We bought the cheap-o fisher price sounds-n-lights baby monitor, and I don't love it. The receiver is top heavy, so it falls down easily. It also gets messed up if you put a cell phone near it. And I don't love that it eats through batteries (unless you plug it in). I would much rather have bought the Sony babycall monitor, which is more compact and has a built in re-chargeable battery, so it charges itself when it is plugged in! Ingenious, those people.

Secondly, I would never ever reccommend any wooden item made by Eddie Bauer (well, sold with the Eddie Bauer brand. Lord knows who made that stuff). We purchased the Eddie Bauer wooden saftey gate for the top of the stairs (in our old house) and that thing was totally awful. Hard to use, hard to assemble, just awful. But we were vain! I know now that the KidCo Safeway gate would have been a much better purchase.

In the same regard, the Eddie Bauer wooden booster chair. Ugh. Way expensive, and ridiculously hard to clean. And it broke! The back piece of wood snapped right off (granted I did drop it, but really? A kid item that isn't durable? Come on). I wised up and bought the Fisher Price healthy care booster which we still use and is SO easy to clean. Another note about booster vs highchair is that I think highchairs are totally useless. They take up a ton of space and cost way more than a booster chair, and really as soon as a kid can use a highchair they can use a booster chair, so I say just skip the behemoth.

Do you disagree? Why? Have any other advice for my coming niece or nephew?


Melissa said...

Congrats to the family!!

1) I think you should try the red lipstick.

2) We got the Sony monitor as a gift, and though we never used it at home (our house is too small to need one!), it has been great whenever we have traveled. I give it my recommendation.

3)I am a fan of metal baby gates that are bolted to the wall. I think it is the Kidco that we have, too. Generally, I never saw the point in the expanding/removable type - I want the gate to HOLD when my toddler when he pulls on it with all his weight.

4) Breast pumps: I did very little pumping, but still was happy that I had an electronic version rather than the hand pump. Worth the extra cost.

5) On the subject of nursing, if planning to nurse, I recommend getting Netflix. Mom will be spending a looooonnggg time sitting, unable to do anything that requires using her hands.

Sue said...

Don't think, for a minute, that Asians have a monopoly on red lipstick wearing, cheek-pinching, weird smelling Aunties. Just about a month ago I smelled some perfume that brought me back 50 years. It was Aunt Irene reincarnated in a bottle.

Courtney said...

I definitely agree on the baby-gate...we were in a townhouse for the crucial baby-gate stage, and we had two of the kid-co ones at the top and bottom of the stairs on the main level. BIG fan!

We have a FP monitor, but it doesn't use has a rechargeable one.

I will be RE-buying our baby swing, though (when I need it, of course), because it is now made with a plug...we had the FP papasan swing and LOVED it, but hated the D batteries we were going through every couple of weeks!

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