Friday, February 6, 2009

Ugh. Blah. Ouch.

That's me, Keith, and Lili.

Lili got a cold about a week ago, while we were at my parents. A couple days later, me. Next day, Keith. Now we're up to a stuffed up mommy, a fevered dad in bed, and a bebe with a double ear infection. It's her first ear infection ever, nevermind that it's a double.

No antibiotics (yet?) we're going the wait and see route.


sweet p. said...

NNNOOOO double ear infections?! Maia is a vet at that. You are lucky to have had the first one this late... no, really.

Courtney said...

Benjamin got tubes in 10/07 because of 9 double ear infections.

Sadly, that's how they usually come. We always do the antibiotics (well, did until he got tubes), because his ear drum came SO close to rupturing one time, and it scared me to death!

Hope you all are feeling better. I was the only one here who got really sick, but it's lingered through antibiotics and over 2 weeks.

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