Thursday, February 26, 2009

Potty Progress

When last we discussed Lili's potty training progress, we were on Day 3 of underwear. And then we all got sick, and we all lost motivation. It's definitely a two steps forward one step back process. Sometimes it's four steps back, as in the morning not too many days ago, when she was in her 5th pair of underwear before 11am. That was very discouraging.

Many mothers have told me that potty training in warm weather is the most desirable, because the less the kids wear the easier it is for them to get onto the potty in time. It's true. But it's not warm here. It's February, and we live in Vermont. Lili has a solution to all of this: be naked anyway. We've been trying to teach her wardrobe independence by showing her how to remove her clothing by herself. This results in multiple outfit changes and often ends up in no clothing at all.

All this, while maddening, only proves to make potty training easier. I can see when she is "holding" herself, and she can get her butt on the potty by herself, increasing her motivation level.

My goal is to be done with daytime diapers by the end of March, 2009. Is this realistic? I think so... But only time will tell!


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