Friday, February 13, 2009

Married... and dating.

Ever since we moved from Ithaca to Burlington, one of the big questions has been "how do you meet new friends?".

It's true that after college meeting new people that you actually get along with is much harder. And moving away from a place where you have 10 years of accumulated friends is also very hard. It helps, though, to have a very outgoing 2 year old. She's not shy at all and in fact the biggest problem is that she is a little too vivacious for most other 2 year olds. She tends to overwhelm them.

As for me and Keith? Well, I make all the playground circuits, and introduce myself to most everyone I meet. Keith participated in a neighborhood guys' night last night, and seemed to have fun. But there is no denying that it is like dating. Meet a new person, go on a playdate, or out to the movies... Is there a connection? Did she like me? Did I even like her? Does it matter, as long as our kids like each other? I never really went through an adult "dating scene" a la He's just not that into you, and I feel like my payback is now.

Hi! I'm June! Wanna be friends? If only it could be so easy.


Sean said...

Hey June,
I found this post funny as I think about the same issues. Mary and I have yet to meet a single person that we hang out with in our town and we have been here 3 years. I sometimes wonder if we ever will make new friends, aside from work. My hope is that Kye will become friends with kids who have cool parents. Although it seems kinda silly to have to rely on your kid to make friends when it was such an easy thing to do in the past.

sweet p. said...

I feel you, dawg!

Rachel said...

dude I lived in Btown and hadn't made one friend until Q was born. of course i don't really like people.

eyeheartorange said...

Yes! It's hard... I met a few girlfriends and we decided to start having weekly dinners and then we all just kept inviting other friends and coworkers and now it's my group of friends.

But the hardest part is making couple friends. Sometimes the guy is cool but she sucks. Or she is your good friend but your guys just don't gel.

I have no tips on that, still trying to figure it out.

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