Sunday, February 22, 2009

Halfsies and other issues

One of my friends made a medical style post, and it got me to thinking more about one of my resolutions: to organize a drive. Specifically, I'd like to organize a bone marrow donor drive geared towards minorities. The initial instigator for such a thought was a friend-of-a-friend's facebook page: Save Jodie Gee (see also the website). Her story really hit home for me and I really feel the need to help. Not just her, but many people, especially minorities, are in need of marrow donors.

A similar issue (a minority in need of a marrow donor) came up when we lived in Ithaca. A local teen was in need, and there was a massive drive to help on the Cornell campus. I remember being surprised: I was an avid blood donor, but I had never ever heard of the national bone marrow donor registry. So I went, and they got the sample they needed, and I've never been called to donate, but hope someday I can.

So, one of my wonderings is this: because Lili is a halfsie, if she ever needed a marrow donor, would her pool be bigger (ie, all asians and all caucasians), or smaller (ie, only all halfsie asian/caucasian combos)? I think about this a lot since I read about Jodie's case.

When am I going to get off my tookus to organize said drive? When I get brave enough to ask the UVM Asian Student Association to help me. Because I think the best place to hold the drive is on UVM's campus. And I also need to work with the local Red Cross? I think so. I'm going to figure it out, because it's important. And publishing here holds me to that!


sweet p. said...

I got me one of them 'halfsies' - the adventures that lay ahead, right?

Rachel said...

dude I got a halfises and a few quarters. interesting thoughts.

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