Thursday, February 26, 2009

Potty Progress

When last we discussed Lili's potty training progress, we were on Day 3 of underwear. And then we all got sick, and we all lost motivation. It's definitely a two steps forward one step back process. Sometimes it's four steps back, as in the morning not too many days ago, when she was in her 5th pair of underwear before 11am. That was very discouraging.

Many mothers have told me that potty training in warm weather is the most desirable, because the less the kids wear the easier it is for them to get onto the potty in time. It's true. But it's not warm here. It's February, and we live in Vermont. Lili has a solution to all of this: be naked anyway. We've been trying to teach her wardrobe independence by showing her how to remove her clothing by herself. This results in multiple outfit changes and often ends up in no clothing at all.

All this, while maddening, only proves to make potty training easier. I can see when she is "holding" herself, and she can get her butt on the potty by herself, increasing her motivation level.

My goal is to be done with daytime diapers by the end of March, 2009. Is this realistic? I think so... But only time will tell!

Emotionally Exhausted

There's a lot going on that's not so happy lately. A old good friend of mine passed away suddenly over the weekend, due to complications from a post-childbirth infection. Her death is under the most unimaginable circumstances. She leaves behind a very loving husband, a 5 year old daughter, and their newborn son. I am overcome with an indescribable sadness and grief for the loss the world faces without her in it. She was a truly beautiful person inside and out, and will be missed by so many.

The coming days will be very bittersweet, as her passing will bring together a wide community of people who loved her. I hope that she will smile upon us and help her family through this remarkably difficult time.

a snow angel, for Katya

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Halfsies and other issues

One of my friends made a medical style post, and it got me to thinking more about one of my resolutions: to organize a drive. Specifically, I'd like to organize a bone marrow donor drive geared towards minorities. The initial instigator for such a thought was a friend-of-a-friend's facebook page: Save Jodie Gee (see also the website). Her story really hit home for me and I really feel the need to help. Not just her, but many people, especially minorities, are in need of marrow donors.

A similar issue (a minority in need of a marrow donor) came up when we lived in Ithaca. A local teen was in need, and there was a massive drive to help on the Cornell campus. I remember being surprised: I was an avid blood donor, but I had never ever heard of the national bone marrow donor registry. So I went, and they got the sample they needed, and I've never been called to donate, but hope someday I can.

So, one of my wonderings is this: because Lili is a halfsie, if she ever needed a marrow donor, would her pool be bigger (ie, all asians and all caucasians), or smaller (ie, only all halfsie asian/caucasian combos)? I think about this a lot since I read about Jodie's case.

When am I going to get off my tookus to organize said drive? When I get brave enough to ask the UVM Asian Student Association to help me. Because I think the best place to hold the drive is on UVM's campus. And I also need to work with the local Red Cross? I think so. I'm going to figure it out, because it's important. And publishing here holds me to that!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Embracing my inner girly-girl

I would never profess to be a girly-girl. And while I am thrilled to have a girl, I never expected to have such a girly-girl. In fact, for her first year or so, we often dressed her in gender-neutrals. A lot of this had to do with the fact that we didn't know which gender she'd be before she came out. She has always loved accessorizing; with stickers, bracelets, necklaces, purses, you name it. She is obsessed with Chapstick and she loves to brush and dry her own hair.

Fast forward a bit to Burlington: we now have a friend who is a year older than Lili and is the uber-girly. She has passed down some great items to Lili, one of which is a fancy, faux-pearl lined pink tulle dress. Lilian has been living in this item for a little over a week. I added sparkly pink "ballet" shoes to the ensemble today and Lili is in little ballerina heaven.

Watch, next week she'll be back into sweats.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Almost Famous

When Keith was really little, he met Michael Jackson. In fact, MJ's people asked Keith to be in a music video with the star himself. But Keith had no idea who Jacko was and so he was passed upon.

When I was little, I met Dizzy Gillespie in an airport. He sat me on his lap while talking to a crowd of people. I had no idea who he was and therefore burst into tears. Later my brother explained to me that he was the man in the documentary we watched on the plane. Oops.

We have friends who are related to Real World stars, and I'm sure I'm within 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, but Lili has yet to have her "star" moment, though she does a pretty good impression of Mr. Gillespie:

now we just have to teach her to moonwalk

Monday, February 16, 2009


We had a lovely Valentines weekend visit from some relatives of Keith's (2nd cousins? Once removed? Something like that), and they surprised us by bringing along their dog! It turns out that Jack is the cutest dog around. Mostly because he looks like he has every possible breed embedded in his genetics, and he is so sweet. Lilian was over the moon to wake up on Saturday morning and discover that there was a dog in the house. Jack was shy of Lili but we enjoyed having a canine in our presence once again. I await the day when another dog will join our lives!

a short-legged dalmation-shepherd?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Married... and dating.

Ever since we moved from Ithaca to Burlington, one of the big questions has been "how do you meet new friends?".

It's true that after college meeting new people that you actually get along with is much harder. And moving away from a place where you have 10 years of accumulated friends is also very hard. It helps, though, to have a very outgoing 2 year old. She's not shy at all and in fact the biggest problem is that she is a little too vivacious for most other 2 year olds. She tends to overwhelm them.

As for me and Keith? Well, I make all the playground circuits, and introduce myself to most everyone I meet. Keith participated in a neighborhood guys' night last night, and seemed to have fun. But there is no denying that it is like dating. Meet a new person, go on a playdate, or out to the movies... Is there a connection? Did she like me? Did I even like her? Does it matter, as long as our kids like each other? I never really went through an adult "dating scene" a la He's just not that into you, and I feel like my payback is now.

Hi! I'm June! Wanna be friends? If only it could be so easy.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thank you, Mr. President

President's Day. Why shouldn't it be used for Capitalism. And it falls on the same weekend as Valentines Day this year (does it every year? I have no idea). What does this mean for me? Wicked Deals. 75% off clothing for Lilian. I must always invoke Keith when I am shopping in this manner, and not buy anything that is sized more than a year away...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Photo Shoot!

Finally, finally, finally I get to post about this!

Over this past New Year, while we were in NYC, we did a professional photo shoot, asian-style! This was to be the big family present for my grandmother's 80th birthday. It was held in a little studio in Flushing, and it was a riot! Between the fact that the guy spoke Engrish and the fact that we generally have communication issues as a group, it was just a really funny experience.

"Lady, Double Chin!" - to me. Hey! I can't help it if my smile muscles are weird!
"Man lives in a girls' dormitory" - to my Uncle, who has 2 daughters
"Smile. A little. Come on. You can do it" - to my cousin, who would prefer to be a martyr.
"Lady. We have photoshop." - to my mom, who insists that her right side is more photogenic
And Lilian generally just hamming it up for the camera.

camera man, in action

so worth it to get a shot like this

we are all asian, all the time (except for Keith!)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Ugh. Blah. Ouch.

That's me, Keith, and Lili.

Lili got a cold about a week ago, while we were at my parents. A couple days later, me. Next day, Keith. Now we're up to a stuffed up mommy, a fevered dad in bed, and a bebe with a double ear infection. It's her first ear infection ever, nevermind that it's a double.

No antibiotics (yet?) we're going the wait and see route.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Potty Training Update

We are on day three of underwear. Diapers only at bedtime. The tally is: one minor accident, one major accident (you know what I'm talking about), and a gazillion gummy bears. Oh, and pony underwear and pre-school as the big bribes. It seems to be working, so keep those fingers (and legs, if you gotta pee) crossed!