Thursday, January 22, 2009

Vaca Debrief

We are back from our lovely vacation out west. There are too many great pictures to post, so click on the photo below to get to the whole album!

Warm weather - it was high 30s in UT and mid 60s in CO, all while it was 5-10 at home!
Skiing - it helped that Keith figured out that my boots were not tight enough. One quick adjustment and I was actually skiing on edge!
Great food - El Chubasco in Park City, and Sherpa in Boulder!
Lili wearing Gpa Lee's ski pass and charming all the PCMR employees
Naked Toddler running laps around the apartment
Crazy sunshine the WHOLE WEEK
Lili perfecting her crazy person laugh, and also learning how to cross her eyes
Lili learning how to navigate the airport like a pro
Scoring great deals at the Patagonia outlet

Things I learned from this trip:
Buy tickets for Sundance films beforehand
Sleep - it's not so bad sleeping in the same room as Lili anymore
Car naps will generally suffice
It is possible to gain 5 pounds in one week, if you eat enough!
Planes go "too fast", but only during landing!
My daughter is a master manipulator. At bedtime, at home last night, she figured out that if she said she was "scared" then we would go in and comfort her. It didn't take long to find out that she wasn't really scared, she just didn't want to go to sleep

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