Monday, January 26, 2009


Growing up is hard to do.

Lilian seems to be outgrowing things very quickly. In fact, we visited a preschool over the weekend and so there has been much talk of getting older and growing up. She has refused for some time now to wear a bib. She recently asked that we remove her booster seat. She doesn't like using the little kid silverware and prefers to have the "big fork" (except when we are at Omi's, where she kept asking for the non-existent "little fork"). She's in a big girl bed. She HAS TO do everything by herself.

And, after an incident involving her thumb and a rouge razor over New Year's, it seemed as though she was done with the thumbsucking, too. We didn't necessarily think this was a good thing. She started sleeping terribly and not napping. I thought maybe it was due to molars. Fast forward a few weeks and we are at a crossroads. 2 hours of bedtime attempts and I got desperate. I reminded her of her thumb. I assured her it was all better. I asked her to give it a taste. She licked it and agreed it wasn't so bad. And so we begin the full fledged sucking of the thumb once again. And with it comes easy naps, crying-free bedtimes, and joyofalljoys: the whole night of sleep! Thumbsuckers: they're underrated.

don't grow up too fast, 'kay?


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