Thursday, January 8, 2009

it's getting OLD

and by "it's", i mean, me, keith, lilian, AND this whole not-sleeping-so-great thing.

Lili has never been a particularly good sleeper. She didn't reliably sleep through the night until she was about 20 months old. And then it was still a little dicey. But sometimes she'd have stretches of sleeping from 7p-8a with 2+ hour naps. Thank goodness for growth spurts.

But getting older comes with it's issues. Like 2 year molars (yes, I know, she's almost 2.5, but whatever). They are coming in and they must be bothering her. A lot. Because she has gone from a sleeping angel to a whiny, belligerent non-sleeper. She wakes up at least 2 times a night, and is consistently going to bed late and getting up early. And barely napping at all. It doesn't help that she figured out that she can stick her head under the windowshade to view the outside world instead of sleeping. And I discover her there because she'll give a verbal narrative of whatever's going on, like "daddy brushing his car!", or "the mail came!". Which would all be very cute if it weren't maddening. And it's really hard to try to convince her that there's nothing interesting out there, because of course there is!

Some might say "maybe she's done with naps". Which I might agree with had she not become such a crying, incoherent monster right around the time all this sleep stuff started. I know it all comes and goes in phases. But it's hard to hold out hope for the good sleep phases when the bad sleep phases put us all in such a tizzy.


Courtney said...

Just's a phase. It'll pass. Benjamin's sleep is horrifically cyclical, but it always gets better.

The 2 y/o molars were particularly bad for us, but he's, thankfully for my sanity, back to normal.

She'll be back on track, soon. I let Benjamin (on his self-determined non-nap days) pick a few books, and tell him he can read them, but it has to be in his bed (still a crib, so that caged-in works in our favor...).

Anyhow, as long as she has some quiet time (so YOU can get your quiet time, I imagine she'll rest enough, or more likely, just fall asleep.

I can relate, though, and when in the midst, it seems like there will be no end; but, there always is.

sending all of my extra sleeping vibes your way!

sweet p. said...

OOOOOHHHH, we are there with the molars - her chin is soooo dry! And don't say the naps are over - what would it be of me on the weekends if the naps were over?!?! Maia is still solidly rocking the 3hr nap thing. I'm milking those for all they are worth.

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