Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy Hannukah (Belated)

I had promised a Hannukah post, and I dropped the ball... So here it is about a week late!
Hannukah is 8 nights long, and we were able to celebrate it for 3 of those nights. The first night we skyped with Omi and lit our menorahs together on the computer. Lili tried very hard to sing the traditional hebrew song that goes along with the candle lighting, but she only ended up humming through it. I still have yet to learn all the words.

For the 2nd night of Hannukah, we went to a friends house for a big feast including Latkes and a big roast Turkey. Not bad for a Monday night! They also had a really cool menorah that they made from seashells they found in FL.

The final night we were able to celebrate was just before we went to NYC. My parents were here so they got to experience the candle lighting for the first time. Lili still has one of her hannukah presents unopened. Maybe we'll save it as an emergency "present" for our trip out to SLC in a couple weeks...


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