Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blast from the past

Lili and I are in Potsdam visiting my parents and getting a break from "real life" for a few days. And, due to the magic that is Facebook, I had the brilliant idea of digging through old pictures and scanning a bunch of them. This is one of the gems that I came across:

It was one of my birthdays. From the looks of it maybe 6 years old? What I find absolutely hilarious about it is that we are all wearing the same hideous outfit. And I have no idea why. Was it planned? Did we actually want to wear these clothes??? Whatever the reason, I know we had a good time that day and I am a little sorry that those outfits are nowhere to be found. I like the Star Trek inspired sleeves the best!


Rachel said...

Lili is your twin For real. Its almost creepy.

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