Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blast from the past

Lili and I are in Potsdam visiting my parents and getting a break from "real life" for a few days. And, due to the magic that is Facebook, I had the brilliant idea of digging through old pictures and scanning a bunch of them. This is one of the gems that I came across:

It was one of my birthdays. From the looks of it maybe 6 years old? What I find absolutely hilarious about it is that we are all wearing the same hideous outfit. And I have no idea why. Was it planned? Did we actually want to wear these clothes??? Whatever the reason, I know we had a good time that day and I am a little sorry that those outfits are nowhere to be found. I like the Star Trek inspired sleeves the best!

Monday, January 26, 2009


Growing up is hard to do.

Lilian seems to be outgrowing things very quickly. In fact, we visited a preschool over the weekend and so there has been much talk of getting older and growing up. She has refused for some time now to wear a bib. She recently asked that we remove her booster seat. She doesn't like using the little kid silverware and prefers to have the "big fork" (except when we are at Omi's, where she kept asking for the non-existent "little fork"). She's in a big girl bed. She HAS TO do everything by herself.

And, after an incident involving her thumb and a rouge razor over New Year's, it seemed as though she was done with the thumbsucking, too. We didn't necessarily think this was a good thing. She started sleeping terribly and not napping. I thought maybe it was due to molars. Fast forward a few weeks and we are at a crossroads. 2 hours of bedtime attempts and I got desperate. I reminded her of her thumb. I assured her it was all better. I asked her to give it a taste. She licked it and agreed it wasn't so bad. And so we begin the full fledged sucking of the thumb once again. And with it comes easy naps, crying-free bedtimes, and joyofalljoys: the whole night of sleep! Thumbsuckers: they're underrated.

don't grow up too fast, 'kay?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chinese New Year

Happy Lunar New Year!

This year we were lucky enough to find out about UVM's Asian Student Union Lunar New Year Celebration, and so even though it meant a very late bed time, we decided to bring Lilian to see what it was all about.

They had a great show with Lion Dancing (not Line Dancing), and several performances by the Vermont Chinese School. Lili was both terrified and fascinated by the Lions, and all of the performances brought back plenty of childhood memories for me. We will be checking out the VCS in the very near future and hopefully it won't be as torturous for Lili as it was for me. Right now she is totally excited about it and hopes to be able to perform traditional Chinese dances for next years' performance!

Friday, January 23, 2009

i wish

Keith got an iPhone through work today, and started playing with it after dinner. Which prompted Lili to say: "I wish I could be a man so I could have a tiny iPhone".
Yeah, and I wish I had gotten that on tape!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bloggy Contest

Think you have a smart baby? Want a smart baby? Enter this contest... And no, you won't win a smart baby, but close enough!!!

Stick around the site after you click. Scary mommy is one of the finest!

Vaca Debrief

We are back from our lovely vacation out west. There are too many great pictures to post, so click on the photo below to get to the whole album!

Warm weather - it was high 30s in UT and mid 60s in CO, all while it was 5-10 at home!
Skiing - it helped that Keith figured out that my boots were not tight enough. One quick adjustment and I was actually skiing on edge!
Great food - El Chubasco in Park City, and Sherpa in Boulder!
Lili wearing Gpa Lee's ski pass and charming all the PCMR employees
Naked Toddler running laps around the apartment
Crazy sunshine the WHOLE WEEK
Lili perfecting her crazy person laugh, and also learning how to cross her eyes
Lili learning how to navigate the airport like a pro
Scoring great deals at the Patagonia outlet

Things I learned from this trip:
Buy tickets for Sundance films beforehand
Sleep - it's not so bad sleeping in the same room as Lili anymore
Car naps will generally suffice
It is possible to gain 5 pounds in one week, if you eat enough!
Planes go "too fast", but only during landing!
My daughter is a master manipulator. At bedtime, at home last night, she figured out that if she said she was "scared" then we would go in and comfort her. It didn't take long to find out that she wasn't really scared, she just didn't want to go to sleep

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Vacation Equations

BTV > DTW > SLC = Park City!

Omi + Grandpa Lee + Margot + Lili = Fun, Presents, and Love
SundanceAM + SkiingPM = good vacation day
El Chubasco Restaurant + Salsa Bar + June = YUM
Lili + Bunny Slope = Cute
My husband + skis = sexy
Snow + Sun = Perfect

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More Toddlerisms

lookit = look at this, me, whatever. this one really bothers Keith
naked crayon = a crayon without it's paper shell
warm necker = neck warmer
UVM = her bedroom
dinosaur slope = black diamond slope (or, the opposite of the bunny slope)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

it's getting OLD

and by "it's", i mean, me, keith, lilian, AND this whole not-sleeping-so-great thing.

Lili has never been a particularly good sleeper. She didn't reliably sleep through the night until she was about 20 months old. And then it was still a little dicey. But sometimes she'd have stretches of sleeping from 7p-8a with 2+ hour naps. Thank goodness for growth spurts.

But getting older comes with it's issues. Like 2 year molars (yes, I know, she's almost 2.5, but whatever). They are coming in and they must be bothering her. A lot. Because she has gone from a sleeping angel to a whiny, belligerent non-sleeper. She wakes up at least 2 times a night, and is consistently going to bed late and getting up early. And barely napping at all. It doesn't help that she figured out that she can stick her head under the windowshade to view the outside world instead of sleeping. And I discover her there because she'll give a verbal narrative of whatever's going on, like "daddy brushing his car!", or "the mail came!". Which would all be very cute if it weren't maddening. And it's really hard to try to convince her that there's nothing interesting out there, because of course there is!

Some might say "maybe she's done with naps". Which I might agree with had she not become such a crying, incoherent monster right around the time all this sleep stuff started. I know it all comes and goes in phases. But it's hard to hold out hope for the good sleep phases when the bad sleep phases put us all in such a tizzy.

Monday, January 5, 2009


I'm going to make an attempt at New Years Resolutions this year. But, I don't think they should be called "resolutions" only because I don't think I can truly resolve to do any of these things. I can only try. So maybe I call them "attemptations". Or something like that.

to take better care of myself, but to not let that be an excuse for selfishness

to organize some kind of important event or drive (donor drive, a fundraiser, something like that)

to swim at least once a week

to remember to breathe deeply at least once a day

to make lilian the big sister she craves to be

to be much, much more patient

to remember that traveling to see family is always always worth it

to use at least 6 recipes from the books I have at home

to nurture healthy relationships, and stop wasting energy on the unhealthy ones

to remember the big picture

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy Hannukah (Belated)

I had promised a Hannukah post, and I dropped the ball... So here it is about a week late!
Hannukah is 8 nights long, and we were able to celebrate it for 3 of those nights. The first night we skyped with Omi and lit our menorahs together on the computer. Lili tried very hard to sing the traditional hebrew song that goes along with the candle lighting, but she only ended up humming through it. I still have yet to learn all the words.

For the 2nd night of Hannukah, we went to a friends house for a big feast including Latkes and a big roast Turkey. Not bad for a Monday night! They also had a really cool menorah that they made from seashells they found in FL.

The final night we were able to celebrate was just before we went to NYC. My parents were here so they got to experience the candle lighting for the first time. Lili still has one of her hannukah presents unopened. Maybe we'll save it as an emergency "present" for our trip out to SLC in a couple weeks...