Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shiny and New

Instead of getting a DS Lite for Chrismukkah, like I wanted to get for him... Keith decided that he would much prefer new pots. Even though I do most of the cooking. But, he is the efficiency (energy efficiency) guru around here, and so it has been bothering him that our not so flat pots have been wasting energy on our fancy glass top cooking surface. Hence the new, very flat, shiny, heavy bottomed new pots. They are beautiful. Maiden voyage will be tomorrow, with a chicken chili. Keith predicts they will decrease boiling time by 30%. We shall see... But in any case, they are very pretty, and another foray into being grownups.


eyeheartorange said...

Are those Calphalon? FYI, I get a huge discount on Calphalon, so next time you get new pots... or need a wedding gift :) I'm your hookup.

JuneBug said...

Nope, not Calphalon... Just some off brand from Marshalls. But hey, good to know! Do you work directly for Calphalon, or does your firm do work for them?

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