Tuesday, December 30, 2008

NYC +/-

We're in LI and NYC for the week, doing holiday visiting with family and celebrating my grandmother's 80th birthday. Being here has its ups and downs:

+Being with family! (duh)
+ seeing Lili with my cousins and my bro and s.i.l.
+ having 4 generations of women in one room
+ playing wii
+catching up, reminiscing, and otherwise picking on each other
- lili not sleeping well because of all the people and excitement
- us not sleeping well either

+Good food. Great food.
+ cheap, delicious asian pears
+ asian style cake!
+ bubble tea
- overeating, oversnacking

+City sights
+ playing in Central park: 2 different playgrounds in less than one block!
+ Toys. Everywhere. F.A.O. Schwartz
+ Christmasy decor on 5th Ave.
- Holiday crowds. Too. Many. People.
+ Lilian: Sitting on Keith's shoulders saying "Lots. Of. People." over and over again
+ Public Transportation. "The Train talks!"
- City travel time suck.

Being here reminds me how glad I am to live in the "country". I'm just not raised to be a city mouse. But there really is nothing like New York City!


eyeheartorange said...

Oh my gosh, June! I just read your blog after being away a few days and there is so much cute Lili stuff! She is just too cute. Someone named Tina? I love it. And love the skating and overly excited face with the Christmas presents. Darling! Happy New Year.

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