Thursday, December 25, 2008

First Coherent Christmas

This was Lilian's first Christmas where she "understands" what's going on, so we did the whole bit. I got "Twas the Night Before Christmas" book from the library and we read it to her so that she'd have some idea of what's going on, then:

Christmas Eve:
After book reading, before tooth-brushing, we did "clean up, clean up" for Santa, because you always clean up before company comes over. Then we prepared a plate of cookies and milk and a carrot for Rudolph, and then Lili went to bed.

1am: woke up crying
4am: woke up crying
6am: woke up crying (what's up with this???)
9am: woke up calling for milk

Christmas Morning:
Contemplated showing her the presents and then telling her she can't have them because she got up so many times last night. Decided that would just be too mean.

Brought her into the kitchen for milk, avoiding the living room. She gets excited for milk and then stops short. "Where's Santa?". "He was only here last night". "Oh!". Runs into the living room to look for the plate with (no more) cookies and the carrot nub left. "And what did Santa leave for you?". "Presents!". She was so excited. Just so excited. But we had to get Keith up before we opened anything, and then it was just so much fun. I didn't take any pictures because I wanted to savor the moments like when I gave Keith his present to open, but there weren't any for me, Lili gave me her Playdoh. She's so thoughtful!

Her gifts from us this year: extra winter boots, wool socks, music box, playdoh, Curious George puzzle, Elmo Doll

Hannukah in the next post!

Update: She is, at the moment, introducing Elmo to the other stuffed animals in the house, and kissing him, and reading him books. Priceless!


Rachel said...

i thought Elmo wasn't coming until January??? and play dough how very brave of you :)

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