Tuesday, December 2, 2008

big girl bed - phase 3

Phase 3 of the big girl bed transition came about 3 weeks earlier than we expected! A nice phone call this morning from the furniture store let me and Lili know that a big chapter in her life would begin today (dramatic enough for you???). After haggling with Keith, I decided we would be able to squeeze the mattress into the wagon with Lili in the car with me, and luckily it worked. I'd hate to disappoint her. So the big move happened today, with plenty of excitement.

See below for pictures of Lilian hugging her crib goodbye, and then faux sleeping for documentation sake, and us celebrating the fact that we can now lay with her in her own bed.

And, if you care to know... The mattress is stunningly beautiful, and tremendously comfortable. Which, considering the price of it, is a really really good thing.

She's seemingly settled in for the night with no troubles. We'll see if that continues. Updates later!


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