Monday, November 17, 2008

Living like grownups

We finally bought dining room chairs! We have owned our beautiful cherry dining table for who knows how many years, and we finally bought dining chairs to go with it. If you have ever shopped for nice dining chairs then you know why it took us so long. Dining chairs are ridiculously expensive. Then, as luck would have it, Keith hooked up with a local restaurant supply company through Craigslist (or the classifieds... I can't remember), and found these beautiful chairs for a serious fraction of furniture store prices. They got delivered today, and they look just great with the table.

Before and after:


eyeheartorange said...

Love them! They match the table perfectly. I still don't have dining chairs! When I have friends over for dinner (hell, even my family for Thanksgiving) we eat on the coffee table :)

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