Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Due to this weekend's visit from my friends C&M, I realized that we have a ton of boxes downstairs that could be put to good use. So, yesterday Lilian and I embarked on a crafty afternoon... We made a doll house out of a small cardboard box! Yes, crafty mommy strikes again. I have been trying to get over my fear of painting with Lili and thus let her (and me) go crazy decorating the house. We have yet to put stickers on it, but I think the googly eyes are a nice touch, don't you?

And yes, that is Nelson from the Simpsons in the top level of the house. He came in a KinderEgg of all things, and a KinderEgg that came direct from Germany! (Thanks, G&C!)


Sean said...

June, I'm surprised you don't have Lili in the plastic wrap as well.

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