Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Things that go Chomp in the Night

So, we had a mouse. We don't know if it moved in with us while the doors were open, or if it was already here or what, but we had a mouse.

Last week, I woke up to the noises of something scratching or munching or something in the kitchen. I woke Keith up and in his sleepiness he proclaimed that it was just the fridge making noise. But after we further investigated, we heard it again after the fridge had turned off, and again on Sunday night. On Sunday it was kind of funny, because it sounded like whatever it was was clanking the hanging pots and pans. As if the rodent would cook us up a gourmet meal.

Keith went out and bought some mouse traps and we set them last night hoping that it was all just my imagination. Lo and behold... at 3 am I awoke to a noise. And actually, I think I've become a light sleeper since having Lili, and I think the noise I woke to was a SNAP, followed by some twitching. Seriously. So then I proceeded to have nightmares for the rest of the night about mice and traps and giant rodents seeking revenge.

In the morning, I was able to inform Keith that I was pretty certain there was a surprise in the Kitchen for him. But I was careful how to word it because I didn't want Lili to think there was a REAL good surprise in the kitchen, because of course I don't want her to see it. And yes, there was a little mouse. In the trap. The trap did it's job. It's sad, but neccessary. And now I've gone on a morning cleaning binge which always sucks but ends up feeling really good.

Here's hoping the 2nd trap isn't needed.


gina said...

Uh-oh - maybe you killed Ratatouille. Some rodents *can* cook up gourmet meals, you know! ;)

In any case, hope you've seen (and heard) the last of them...

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