Monday, October 6, 2008

Occupy with Water

This weekend, I went to Lowes and spent a significant amount on cleaning supplies to clean the new house (I cannot believe that people walk around in their houses with their shoes on. It's just gross.). I also bought Lilian a step stool so that she can help me cook, bake, wash dishes, and also wash her hands on her own. And by "help" I mean... eat the food and threaten to make a big mess, and by "wash by herself" I mean... support her own weight with her own two feet so that we don't have to hold her over the sink.

This leads to some major new discoveries, such as... being able to see the entire countertop up-close, and while washing hands this morning: discovering that the water-filled dirty dishes in the sink are ridiculously fun to play with.

So, after she helped with the dishes, I set her up to play with the water, admonishing her every 2 minutes to not spill the water. And before anyone freaks out about the medicine dropper set... It's from her vitamins. And it's empty (except for the water).

And for some reason, Lili has started calling Keith and I by our first names (as opposed to Daddy or Mama). For example: "Please don't spill." "Okay, June" Or, "Is that your sweater, Keith?"

It drives Keith nuts. I think he must think it is disrespectful. I tend to think it's more of a phase that she is experimenting with. Besides, we call her by her name, so why shouldn't she?


sweet p. said...

Ha - I have to laugh because Maia has taken to calling our friend/neighbor Tanya Rauch, the same way that John calls her 'TRow' - it's cute, but not that cute!

Courtney said...

Benjamin is OBSESSED with the sink. To the point he'll drag a dining room chair to it and splash in the dishes. Which basically means that, since he'll do that on his own when I am, say, loading the washer or dryer in the other room, that I am now responsible for getting dishes immediately into the dishwasher to avoid water dripping into/onto our brand new cabinets...

Scary Mommy said...

My kids could play in the sink for HOURS!!!

Will you e-mail me about the Obama button? My husband and I were just talking about making shirts!

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