Thursday, October 9, 2008

Obligatory Pizza Making Post

So it seems that there are a LOT of toddler pizza-makers out there. At least in the blogosphere. And since this week has been the kitchen education of lilian, I (for once) remembered the camera for the flour and fun filled afternoon we had. In all, it was way less messy than the muffins, and way more fun for Lil.

We tried a new dough recipe that was more time intensive than our usual, but since it came from my favorite Baking Illustrated, I thought I'd give it a go. I'm always trying to find a better pizza dough recipe. It helps me feel like I'm saving money (over the 1.69 pizza dough at price chopper...). Anyway! The recipe was wrong (can you believe it???) and made a way too gooey mess, so Lili got to have the all important job of adding flour. And more flour. And more. So that in the end, we have an extra ball of pizza dough in the freezer for next time. Which is a good thing. Nay, a GREAT thing since this was the best homemade pizza dough we've had in a long time. Credit goes to one of many things: King Arthur Flour as opposed to the cheapo store brand, hand kneading (because it is FUN), and longer rise time with less yeast... Whatever it was, it was YUM.

flour... and a sponge. you know why.

lili got to have her OWN dough ball (of course!)

topping off the masterpiece with daddy.

thoroughly enjoying the end result (by completely deconstructing it as toddlers do)


Courtney said...

I just came back to comment on your beautiful orchid, but this post was here, and too cute to not comment on.

We're big homemade pizza fans here, and Benjamin always loves to help. Although, I often get the dough at Trader Joe's, because, we never plan dinner until it's too late to deal with dough...

eyeheartorange said...

Sooo cute! looks good, I am starving but I have no little helper :(

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