Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Compost Kid

We bought two backyard composting bins from our solid waste dept today (Lilian and I went, and she got a lollipop there!), and set about putting them together this evening. We did it as a family and Lili was a great tool manager. She handed us nuts and bolts and wrenches, and loved being in charge of sorting the small items.

And, after we put them together, we discovered that they make great kid-forts, and Lili spent a good half an hour before bath going in and out of the bins.


Scary Mommy said...

That is so cute!!! When we moved, my kids had a blast hiding in the boxes, more fun than with any toys! :)

Thanks for entering my contest & good luck! I wish I could come to your playgroups. My friends here are mostly McCain vans, believe it or not. I need some new real-life friends!

Margot said...

I feel like there's gotta be a sticker or somethiing on there saying "Do not let childen play inside" or something like that :) Take a photo of her in it so you can see that.... oh yea, it's very cute! Hi Lili!!

J$ said...

lol, that is great!

PS, you guys need to come over again soon!

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