Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Moving? Check!

Well, we are moved in and pretty much settled! Of course, we still have plenty to unpack, but we are in relatively normal living conditions as of now. Which means, functional kitchen (though it has yet to need to function thanks to friends' meals and takeout...), all of Lili's toys out, and some of our clothes. It's a record-breaking move, I think.

On Saturday, thanks to an amazing group of family, friends, new neighbors, co-workers and Budget truck rental, we were able to move 95% of hour belongings in 3 hours flat, with a lunch break thrown in. It was truly incredible to have so much help (and a lot of it was unexpected, which made it all the better!). Keith's mom was the most incredible of all, being such an untiring packer, mover and unpacker. It's solely thanks to her that our kitchen is up and running now. An amazing feat. Lili was quite the trouper, spending the whole day with Anna and Emma and Theron (she had a BLAST swimming and crafting and cookie making), and she slipped into the new house seamlessly.

Sunday was the big trial, as we were all beat from moving but still had a lot to accomplish. It didn't help that Lili developed a raging fever that day (I am SO sorry to Anna about this, and hope that it was just from stress and not too contaigious?). She was so pitiful with her glassy eyes and listlessness, but nonetheless we all powered through it and got everything (dust included) out of the apartment. Lili's fever spiked on Sunday night, and Monday Keith and Sue left in the morning and Lili and I spent the day "recovering" so to speak.

We now have cable (yay!), and phone and internet (double yay!) so we are feeling more like home every hour.

Oh, if only I hadn't shattered the blender jar on the kitchen floor today, then it would have been a break-free move.

the living room prior to move-in

and now, with our stuff... looks well lived in already!


sweet p. said...

Ugh. The m-word. We haven't had to move in so long - it's been 3 years. We are going to be so rusty when it's time to move again. We were laughing because we are having to do things we've never done because we've never lived in a house this long... Glad to hear the move went well.

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