Thursday, September 4, 2008


Recently, gummy bears are the main attraction at our house. This is all my brother's fault. He had a 5 lb. (!) bag of Haribo bears at his house and let me take a ziploc full home with me. I have already eaten all of the white ones and the orange ones.

We have been using the bears as bribery for Lilian. She doesn't want to go home? Well, how about for a gummy bear. Try the potty? Gummy bear. Finish 5 more bites of dinner? Yup. Gummy bear. For some reason, her favorite ones are the green ones. I originally wanted to give her a taste sampling, one of each color, to let her determine her favorite one but now that I've eaten all but 3 colors we've shot that down.

And lest you think of me as a bad parent, the gummy bear per day count is probably only 1.

And for laughs... up until about a week ago, she called them "Yummy Bears".


Tash said...

Oh I learned ALONG time ago that bribery is a valuable parenting technique.

My mother's a teacher and she used to tell parents to bribe their kids - for every day they got out of the car without crying etc etc...

Brilliant. Yummy bears are cool

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